Henley Baptist Church has been a part of town life for at least 150 years. Although the current church building was built in the 19th century, there are records showing a group of Christians in Henley calling themselves Baptists in the 17th Century. They used several places to worship including the Assembly rooms in Bell Street (now a warehouse).

Henley Baptist Church has a long history of serving the local community. Established as a church in 1878 in the current town centre building, the d:two centre has become a well known focal point.

During the 1940s and 50s the church ran a thriving youth work. The Christian based Boys and Girls Brigade attracted as many as 50 youngsters to the uniformed organisation. Their regular parades and marches through the streets of Henley were big occasions. The weekly activities and and annual camps provided diversionary, disciplined and fun activities.

Since that time there has been a continual thread of supporting children and young people using its facilities for children's clubs, youth clubs and and drop ins and the Church has been a key player in establishing and supporting NOMAD  the Youth and Community project.

A redevelopment of the site in the 1970s resulted in a name change to the DaySpring Centre. It created a more accessible facility for the church services and the new café opened in 1981 for people to be able to come on a daily basis. Groups for mums and toddlers started and gradually activities for a range of ages began to evolve.

A second redevelopment of the site began in 2004 which meant a further change (rebranding) in name to d:two (Dayspring 2nd edition and two buildings becoming one). Next door Melbourne House (formerly the Minister's home) was incorporated into the current d:two, creating an enlarged auditorium, new café area, dedicated space for NOMAD, meeting rooms for the Church and community use and a purpose built Family Centre.

Henley Baptist Church welcomes people from every walk of life and continually seeks to create a warm welcoming centre for people to experience and enjoy.

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